Join our Initial Wallet Offering (IWO)

By pre-registering for your own unique XYZ Wallet ID, you are getting yourself a memorable address (or addresses) for use with your favourite coin, while also supporting the ecosystem as we build this URL into a community resource.

Each unique Wallet ID will come with its own set of expanding capabilities which will make using crypto easier for new and veteran users alike.

Pre-campaign officially begins August 8th, 2018


Receive Funds

To send funds to your address, others only have to input your XYZ Wallet ID. (U.CASH Platform + More)

Personal Addresses

You can input your own public key(s) and not have funds reside with any 3rd party for extra security.

Online Domain

Have anyone be able to send you funds by going to (Available to anyone globally)

Forward Site

Direct visitors coming to to any URL of your choice for easily memorable URL use.

Brand Building

Start creating a business, commerce store-front or other project hosted directly on


This website address will be progressively built into a comprehensive portal to help with ecosystem building.

Wallet IDs make crypto easy for everyone.

Starting with on the U.CASH platform, you can send and receive funds using your unique and easy to remember identifier.

In the future, industry wide adoption will allow every wallet to recognize DNSSEC enabled domain addresses for sending funds.

30+ Wallet ID Domains

100+ Domains Planned

Community Sites Coming

Online Payment Site

Planned On-Chain

Many More Capabilities

The future is friendly wallet addresses.

Release Plan

The following scheduled periods will each comprise of 7-day windows where users can participate in claiming their unique Wallet ID addresses.


Days 01-07:

5x Premium

  • Cryptocurrency Teams
  • Industry Companies
  • Pre-Registered Users
  • Trademark Holders


Days 08-14:

10x Premium

  • All Registered Users
  • Eligible from Sunrise
  • Same Price in Period

Early Access

Days 15-21:

10x-2x Premium

  • All Registered Users
  • Eligible from Landrush
  • Decreasing Price Daily


Days 22+:

Normal Price

  • All Registered Users
  • Open To Anyone
  • Regular Pricing

Building towards a decentralized system

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) helped build out the infrastructure for on-chain Wallet ID payments and is available on the Ethereum Ropsten Testnet currently. It is planned to start working on mainnet in the coming weeks. Some other blockchain projects also have their own DNS (or non DNS) enabled naming systems, but it is currently very fragmented in interoperability, lacking in support/features and not widely used in the industry. We are planning on changing that. With our comprehensive list of Wallet ID domains and integration plan, this way of sending payments will become industry standard and widely accepted for all cryptocurrencies.

Pre-Register View Feature Sheet

Information Charts

This section contains various charts outlining the current pricing tiers, premium words / combo lists, restricted words and other data.

What will we do with

Our goal is to build a comprehensive information and interaction portal for 0x followers. Using functionalities built out on the subdomains, as well as new capabilities developed by us, we are confident will become a valuable ecosystem resource with the help of the 0x community.

0x Stats

Community Links



Chat Forums


Community driven development plan.